Exciting News! The Last Sister received a Kirkus starred review!

Welcome to my website! I am the author of The Last Sister, a YA historical novel set in 1759-1760 during the Anglo-Cherokee War, a conflict between the British colony of South Carolina and the Cherokee Nation in which tensions between the Cherokee, (mostly) Scots-Irish settlers, and British troops exploded across the South Carolina backcountry. No matter who you were, if you were alone, you were dead already. I’m not exaggerating.

The Last Sister coverAfter a band of fellow settlers fakes a Cherokee raid to conceal their murder of her family, settler Catie Blair must find a way to survive the mountains and bring the killers to justice. Also, there are cute boys because it’s the eighteenth century, and who isn’t cute in breeches and a ponytail? And other people aren’t the only thing standing between Catie and her goal…but now I really am giving too much away.

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